Monday, July 1, 2013

A Week of Explosions

Sounds like you guys had a crazier week than we did....but the high´s and low´s thing...that might just be a perfect description. 

First off.....Let me EXPLODDDE!!! 
Explosion 1: Missionary SIster
OH MY GOSH! HANNAH IS GONNA BE A MISSIONARY!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I´m so excited for her! for the last MONTHS I was praying that she would make the right decission and that the she would really KNOW what she needed to do and everything. No one told me that she was gonna serve, but for the last months I seriously KNEW it. I told all my companions that I was basically POSITIVE that she was gonna serve a mission. I seriously knew it. That´s why I was always asking you guys about it!! MUHAHAHA. And yes. I almost DIED when I saw it. I pretty much bawled my eyes out I was so happy for her. And it´s exactly what she wanted. I´m EXTREMELY proud of her...and HOPEFULLY I´ll be able to do an intercambio with her while we´re both still missionaries. Hermana Edwards mentioned that to me and I practicaly peed my pants! (I have no clue what Alex is thinking... she will be released way before she heads back to BYU, but I bet that she can go with them and teach!)

Explosion 2: Attack of the sisters
Our district is weird. We have 10 sisters...and our district leader and his companion. That´s it. We don´t have like ANY elders in our district. I know. We´re officially taking over haha. 

Explosion 3: The oven
We decided to make brownies for one of our investigators and so we of COURSE had to start the oven. But I´m pretty sure it´s older than grandpa because we have to light PAPER on fire and then put the paper in the oven ( in a certain spot) and HOPE it lights...and if it doesn´t we have TOO much gas....well it didn´t light. The first time...or the by the third time I´m freaking out a little bit because I really don´t want to die. So Hermana Ceccon THROWS in the paper and BOOM. A big fire comes out. Nothing happened besides that, but it was sure pretty scary. And FYI, our investigators LOVED them. 

Explosion 4: What happened to our lessons?
Hopefully YOU guys can answer that question because I´m struggling to answer it. We had very few lessons this week....and we walked a lot more than usual because of it. I have NO idea what happened but EVERYONE had to do something this week. It was pretty lame. Almost every single one of our lessons fell through...but that´s okay. This week is gonna be GREAT. 

Explosion 5: Eat it.
Well Hermana Edwards has less than a week here in Chile and she gave a great talk in church...but now all the MEMBERS know she has a couple days in chile and so EVERYONE suddenly thinks that we´re super skinny and we need to EAT. We´ve had an UNBELIEVABLE amount of food this last week. I ate like 4 meals yesterday I swear...and Familia Alarvena ALWAYS feeds us...too much I say...but I always eat too much cause she cooks like an angel haha. The good news is I still really haven´t gained weight here.....Hermana Ceccon is freaking out cause she´s gained 6 kilos here in the mission feild. ...she´s still super skinny but it´s funny cause she freaks out about it haha. 

Explosion 6: RAIN
It poured like CRAZY again this last week! I finally got a hold of some rain boots in a local super market here and I was SO RELIEVED because we bought them JUST in time. They were on a REALLY good sale. Got them for less than fifteen bucks. Anyways, it was really crazy, and with a lot more wind. My umbrella survived ..but Hna Ceccon and Edward´s umbrellas...they died. It was kind of funny. BUT the morning the next day was exactly the same. So we left with a BUNCH of stuff and right after we left BAM. We had a lot of sun and were dying. Kinda funny.

Explosion 7: Missing the family
I´m LITERALLY out of time so this last explosion´s a big one! I missed you guys a lot this week. Especially since Hermana Edwards is going home, Hannah is going on a mission, and you guys are enjoying the summer. I don´t know but it hit pretty hard this week. Just know that I´m working my BUTT off. 

The language is coming really great and I know you´re praying for me. I love you all soo very much and we´re working hard to find prepared people! Keep up the good work and HELP THE MISSIONARIES! 

Also, please tell shannon that I´m sorry I didn´t have time to respond to her letter. I love her loads, and will respond to her first thing next week!!! I was super happy to hear from her! 

Love always,

Hermana Alex Johnson

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