Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flowers and Chocolates: Literally...and not

Mom! Promise to check on the clarks. As for the makeup...LIGHT. Idk what color exactly but pretty light considering I´m pretty white haha. 
As for my health I´m just chin chillin. I´m pretty sure I got food poisoning from the completos here, but it happened and that´s that! 

I don´t have LOTS to write this week, but a slab at least haha. 

To start off, you guys all know L*, F*, R*, and P*. L* was the boy that we helped get to the dance. WELL F* is getting ready for his baptism, coming up in two weeks. The last week I told you how awesome it was cause the WHOLE family came to church and everything!! ...welllllll this week we went to get F* and the family cause the mom had to work. We got there and the grandma answered to tell us they were still sleeping- (oh. something awesome you should all know is that we now have church at 8:30 in the morning....yea) So we left a note on the door kindly thanking L* for making us wake up an hour earlier to get him to come to church with us and we went to church. (there was still a loooot of success. We have two progressing investigators that are both gonna get baptized this next week!!!! ..but I´m gonna talk about that in a little bit) Well what happened was that after church, and before lunch, we went to their house to teach them. ...and to see if the note was still there. It wasn´t. We knocked on the door and when he finally opened it he didn´t even want to look at us. We were on the brink of chastising him a bit when SHABAM he puts on a song."Perdooonnnnaa meeee!¨ ...he puts on a song of forgiveness, quickly turns around, gets down on his knees and holds out a roses and a box of chocolates. He felt so bad ...after that all we could do is say "ahhhhhh". He then explained that he was super upset cause his mom was supposed to wake him up but she didn't and blah blah blah...but it was super sweet. Honestly they´re suuuch an awesome family. L* is so happy to finally be active again and he always tells us how grateful and HAPPY he is and it´s such a blessing for me. 

okay. F* and R*! We had an FHE with them this last week with L*- as well. The mom absolutely loved it. We talked about the family and did some fun activities. F* and Renato are progressing SO MUCH. The came to church without us....f* when to a sleepover type thing for the young womans, and renato came to a baptism with us. We went to teach R* and F* and they were reading together in the book of mormon. We left a small passage for R*, considering he´s only 11, and not only did he read it, but he decided to read about 4 OTHER chapters as well. F* keeps telling me that she keeps wanting to read more and more and she´s loving it. We had intercambios this last week and during our lesson with them R* started bearing his testimony saying that he knows this is the true church.  But his dad was listening in and everything. It was funny because when I first met him he barely looked us in the eye. He did NOT like us mormons ...not one BIT. But when R* was talking about how much he loves the church and his testimony, his dad chimed in and asked "can I get baptized too?"...he said it as a joke, but hey! He´s thinkin about SOMETHIN! 

I am a happy missionary cause we´re gonna have two baptisms this next sunday!!!  I'm so excited. 

Anyways. That was my week! Praying for you all and love you all to DEATH!
Hermana Alex Johnson

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