Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things That Happen

Lots of things happened this last week...and yes, that happens EVERY week, but more than usual this week. It was like we did every such thing...spiritually, emotionally, and physically. To put it shortly, this week was legit.

Last Monday was a really chill pday. I wrote you guys and then we went home and chilled. Hermana Ceccon and I watched The Testaments and ate chocolate and caramel...of course. Hermana Edwards took a nap, but when she woke up she decided she wanted to do something FUN. So she started a water fight. BOOM. Instantly we had a soaked house. Floor, US, my BEEEEDDD... It was a little funny because every night I feel like I¨m camping, but that night I REALLY felt like I was camping because I slept in a damp bed. Yea. UNCOMFY. But it was a fun moment haha. 

This last sunday we had stake conference. It was really REALLY fulfilling. We had three of our investigators come to the conference. We went with a recent convert, M***. She reminds me a bit of mom. I can imagine Mom being like her as a convert and it is just a neat experience. We also went with V***. Before Hermana Ceccon and I came to the area she almost never went to church, but now she comes with us every week. She is absolutely sweet ...and I think she is considering serving a mission. She would be great to. We can SEE how shes changed as she continues doing the things she needs to. In the conference they talked a LOT about missionary A LOT. And it was awesome! I think we are going to be getting some more help, even though our ward is seriously SO good about working with us and helping us. It really is a great ward. 

I have learned a lot about service more. I have always known how important it is, but now it makes a lot more sense. I don¨t know how I can feel more HAPPY then when I am serving someone. I don¨t know how exactly to explain it, but it just feels RIGHT. It ALWAYS feels like what I should be doing. I have also put into action some advice, given NUMEROUS times...that when you are frustrated or annoyed with someone, SERVE them. I put it into action, and it¨s great because I feel better annnnddd I am closer to people cause they see I am trying to help. I have a lot more love for my companions, and the people/members that we serve. A lot more! And it is awesome!! We washed the car of the bishop this last week, more for the wife than anyone cause she does A LOT, and she was sooo grateful. I took all my practice of cleaning the van a bunch of times, and everyone was really impressed with the detail job I did ;)

We invited a LOT of people to have a baptism date this week...more than we had ever done before as a companionship. And guess what happened? Every single person said no. Every single one. And I think maybe that is where a little bit of my frustration is coming from. That the baptisms we had in San Felipe...I left. I wasn¨t there for them. That here in Quilicura, we haven´t HAD a baptism that I don¨t know what I am doing that¨s "wrong." I definitely think THAT has been discouraging for me. 

We went to F*****´s house for a lesson. She wasn¨t there. ...her dad was though. And, before I account this story you must know something. He HATES us. I have never actually met him because every time he answers the door, he doesn´t actually answer it. He just yells though it and tells us that she´s not home. So we passed by on Saturday, and her dad went to the door and peeked through a crack (the large gate door as each has has a door for the house and a door for the gate). Well he was absolutely drunk. And when I asked for F***** he started laughing, and then finally replied that she wasn¨t home. I asked if he was sure (because obviously he couldn¨t think very well) and he said yes...and then asked me if I was from Argentina. When I told him no, he asked where I was from. Hermana Edwards and Ceccon were like...what? He¨s talking to us? And then when I said I was from the US he said oh! You speak english, to which I replied yes....and then he pressed his face closer to the door and said: " Hi baby." And proceeded to add BABY to the end of every one of his sentences. When I finally said okay then, Chao! He said, "see you later baby." ....lets just say we had a crack up for a while. 

We had a lunch with some members the other day. With my whole colon whatever thing, I¨m not suppossed to eat certain things, which is okay because the majority of the things I can¨t eat are things I don¨t like. But we went to this members house and she had cooked up some nice FISH. We all now how much I absolutely LOOOVVE fish....not. happens to be one of the foods I¨m not really supposed to eat. But... I couldn¨t bear to tell them. So I sat down at the table, with the steaming fried fish and I started to eat....and loooowww and behooolld I did NOT gag up anything in my mouth. In fact, I rather ENJOYED it. I ate almost that whole thing. I don't know HOW she cooked it, but I liked it. It wasn¨t fishy by any means. It wasn´t like FISH. It was like a good ...meat. I don´t know how to describe it but it was a literal miracle. Cool huh? Also during the lunch Hermana Edwards really tried to bring me into the conversation which was nice cause I didn¨t have to try to throw myself into it. 

There is a family in a ward and they´ve officially been dubbed the name Family Bakán. (which means cool) We passed by their house with a chocolate bar for Elias´ birthday and they were like you have to come to the party! ...which we couldn´t do because we had lessons and what not, but they wanted us to be a part of it in some way so they asked if they could bring us a pizza after we returned to our house in the night. Sweet huh?! Elias drew me a picture of sonic and signed it with the new pens he got for his birthday. It was super sweet. They´re a really awesome family! 

The OTHER awesome family is the family Lopez. There are about a MILLION family Lopez´s here in Chile. We have one that is a part member family, that I have sent photos of before, but its not them...that it´s not them this time (although they¨re legit too). There are three brothers, RM¨s in our ward, and they all live like right next to each other haha. Two of the families actually live together. Well we went to their house yesterday and we ended up singing hymns with them and we ate RESEES and they´re just a really loving and caring family. It was great to spend a moment with them and it´s awesome when we REALLY have the trust of the members. 

We did a little bit of door knocking yesterday. And we all felt like we should turn down a street. As soon as we did I FELT something, and I told both my companions that I felt like there is TOTALLY someone, or a family here, that is ready. That wants to hear what we have to say. So I prayed. Like with everything I had that we could find them...HELP them. And guess what? The very first house we contacted let us in. A man answered the door and was like sure! So we went in and we had a pretty good lesson, pretty normal, and then came the time to say the closing prayer. We asked the man to say it, José. He said yes..but then after a while of waiting, nothing had happened. He hadn´t started or anything. So Hermana Ceccon asked what he was feeling right then....He said one word, quickly and firmly. PEACE. My heart just LIT on fire. We waited some more and soaked in the feeling that was there, and then re-asked him to say the prayer. More than anything I think that he just didn´t realize that we were asking him to say it, but it was an absolutely incredible moment...that I don´t ever expect to forget.

OH! Something cool happened! ...well you´re not gonna think it´s cool, but I kind of fainted. I was having trouble walking, and my hands were shaking, and I was really pale. We got home okay and we went through planning. I was seeing the lights all like...well they weren´t normal. So I went to the room to change and get to bed. Hermana Cecoon was helping me and everything. I reached for my shirt and then BAM. Fell over. It wasn´t black or anything like that but I lost control and couldn´t move or really think. It was good that we were in the room cause I fell onto my suitcases, but overall it was an interesting experience. Hermana Ceccon apparently just started laughing and Hermana Edwards apparetly freaked out a little bit cause she didn´t know what to do, but it all went well afterwards.I got an ear infection(...YAY...) so Hermana Essig said it might have something to do with my ear infection, and just the balance. I don´t know, but I felt better afterwards! I just love being BROKEN...gah. It´s actually really hard cuase there are days where it just KILLS me to get up in the morning, but I know what I have to do and I´m doing it. 

Mom. Sorry that you´re still having some health problems too, I sure can relate, but I´m glad to hear your back is doing better! So happy to hear that! And Hannah!! WAHOOO! Miss graduated! Tell Ella congrats with her Ballet performance, and Pepper and Hannah with their graduation as well. It´s weird sometimes to think about all the things that are happening...while I´m here in Chile. Just know that I pray for you every day and that I´m so proud of you all. I have the best family in the WORLD! 

But that´s that. My mission is awesome and I really do love it. You guys will never have to REALLY ask me how I am, because no matter HOW HARD it gets down here in Chile, I am absolutely and perfectly happy. 

Sending love from afar, 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Writing in her Journal.

Studying Spanish.

Yummy panqueques!

Family  Bakán

This is what they do to their trees in Chile.

Washing the Bishops car.

All done

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