Monday, June 3, 2013

Pushing Up

Guess what? The bottom is deeper than I thought haha. But guess what else?If you don´t touch the bottom, you´re gonna  have a harder time getting to the top. And I´m not just mindlessly floating to the top. Now, I´m soaring. I pushed off with my feet and I´m zooming like a missile. 

Tuesday, we had rain. And not just a LITTLE rain. We had rain like ...I thought the world was gonna flood again or something. We had water up to our knees! Cars were driving in RIVERS. And ...I don´t have rain boots. Lucky for us we heard they have them at a store in Quilicura. They´re not cute, but they´re GOOD. ...I just have to buy them haha. But lets just say that for the next three day´s my leather boots had to rest. Overall, I was not happy that day. It wasn´t a good day in general, and the rain was what broke me. I was frustrated and I felt like everything I was doing was wrong. And you know what else? I was thinking about myself. I didn´t think about my investigators and I didn´t think about Christ. I just thought about my miserable self and how I was mad, and blah blah blah. And I realize NOW why that day was the worst. Everyday I was thinking about how I wasn´t good enough, but it wasn´t in a way like oh yay! Let´s improve and try harder. It was like I was sinking....literally. But I realized, as I actually CHANGED my thoughts, how much easier it is when I think about others and when I DON¨T think about myself. 
And let me just tell you something: I´m happy. 
I am so happy right now. Our lessons are better. We´re having more success with getting people to come to church and with members. We received 13 referrals this week! We still have a lot to work on but we´re working to our CAPACITY now. And you know what else? It feels GOOD. I feel proud of my work and I feel stronger in my testimony. 
Now. For some of the other things that happened this week!
Yesterday was a great day at church. We had fast and testimony meeting and it was amazing. So many people bore such powerful testimonies. I was definitely tearing up. B*** bore his testimony. He´s a less active, and hasn´t been for a while. But he cammmmee! And I know he felt the spirit so strong while bearing his testimony. He´s so amazing, and I´m so happy we´re working with him. And his brother! He went off to his mission a while back, but ended up coming home and now isn´t going to church much. I want to get his help in lessons and get him going again cause I know he can do A LOT! 
The L*** family is doing great. They´re less actives, but the week back they came to sacrament meeting. We´re working with them and I love it. They´re a really FUN family and it´s a nice breath of air when we go to their house. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and the mother shared a really amazing story with us. It was great for her kids too. We also talked about the priesthood with her sons, when she wasn´t there. R*** is 19 and L***  is 16 or something like that...they´re progressing and it´s great because we can SEE IT. 
We went to the MTC here in Chile to see the doctor. We talked to some people and it sure was fun to see GRINGOS there!! And I got to talk in a little bit of English haha. The doctor gave me ANOTHER wrap and told me to soak my ankle in hot water every night. So I´m doing that, and I haven´t had any problems. 
As we were contacting some references, we had a pack of dogs follow us. Not just a little bit, like for 3 hours. It was honestly hilarious. They followed us all the way home. During this time SOMEBODY said something absolutely hilarious, and I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard. I actually fell on the ground in the middle of the gross Chilean street just LAUGHING. 
I love door knocking. I love it more than contacting, and ...I just don´t know. But If I could do that for hours in the day I totally would. 

Did you know? The gas here in Chile is about 4 times the amount as it is in the US? yea. Like it´s A LOT. Hermana Essig filled up her tiiinnnnyy car and said that it cost about 140 bucks to fill it up. WOW. Good thing is that the houses are cheaper here...hmmm...I could live here!! after my misison, cause I´m obviously living here now haha. 
Well. I´m happy. Sorry for the downer bit the last week, but I´m back to being me!!! LOVE YOU ALL!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

With a Chilean Flag

Not sure why this photo is important... LOL!

OK... really, have no clue what that photo is. Maybe their apartment? 

With companions and friends

"Not" getting wet on the playground

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