Monday, June 17, 2013

Staying in Quilicura!

I´ve completed four months in the mission. Crazy right!? Honestly a little weird to think that after this transfer I´m going to be a third of the way done with my mission. Actually REALLY weird. 
Ready to hear what happened this transfer???? You will be happy to know that I am using the same lame computer that we used the last four weeks, HERE IN QUILICURA. Not ONE of us had to leave Quilicura, which is absolutely awesome. When we found out we all jumped around and...well we broke something but that´s not important. It´s awesome! ..that we´re still here not that we broke something haha. So yea! My first transfer that I didn´t ...well...transfer!

My health is going great. I didn´t have an ear infection or anything like that...It´s actually has to do with how bad the atmosphere is here. We have an unbelievable amount of smog here....and the SMOKE. It´s really gross. But it´s damaging my ears and giving me headaches so I have to buy some meds for that and what not. But overall I´m feelin good. I´m not sick and my ankle had one bad day this week, but I´m rockin it haha. 

As for the money card, I´m honestly indifferent. I don´t really get how everything works or what not so I´m not involved or whatnot. Just let me know if you do! Whatever you think is better, I trust you. 

I´m hoping that all went well with Fathers Day! I thought lots about Dad and I´m hoping that all is well and what not. Hope he caught some big fish and had fun with Grandpa and Grandma. 

I didn´t make a list of stuff to write about this week so I´m pretty white spaced. I rescued a cat from the roof, we found a family and I´m hoping that they progress. We teach them english and then the gospel every lesson haha. A member is making me a really pretty dress and I´m stoked for that. We´re getting two more hermanas here in our ward so that´s exciting too! What else? 

We went to the temple for Hermana Edwards. ..well SHE went to the temple and Hermana Ceccon and I walked around the plaze 400 million times and read the liahonna and...well we wasted time...which is REALLY weird to say as a misionary. We weren´t allowed to actually GO to the temple, which was a little frustrating, but that´s just the way it is. Afterwards we had to go with her to her dinner and it was really weird to eat in a restauraunt, that was ABSOLUTELY DELICOUS, just so you know, and not be working. But she was the only sister who´s headed home and she couldn´t be alone with a bunch of elders so there we went! On our way home there was a singer on the bus...he played guitar and the other one had an was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and an awesome experience to have.

We had some really awesome Family Home Evenings this last week...a lot of them too! With Familia Lopez...two of them! Familia with Familia Aguilar...or be it, Familia Bakán haha. We´ve been able to help the ward lots, and we´ve really gained their trust and I think it´s helping us a LOT. I´m excited to have the opprotunity to stay here and REALLY get to know people more!

I´m serving in every opportunity. 
I´m trying every opportunity to live up to the expectations of you guys, my family here, and my Father in heaven. 
I try my hardest every day and I rely on the spirit to guide me in every action. 
I´m becoming the person that I feel I was always MEANT to be and the person I WANT to be. 

Sorry that I don´t have much today, but just know that I´m doing awesome, I´m praying for you always, and I´m ...well I´m missionarying haha! 

Siempre con amor,
Hermana Alex Johnson

With Hermana Edwards and a few Elders from their area.

Outside of the Santiago Temple.

The trio, Hermana Edwards, Hermana Ceccon, and Hermana Johnson!

Con Familia Lopez!

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