Friday, March 15, 2013

Guess who got their travel plans?!

 As you can see by the title that's my SUPER big news of the week! It's REALLY happening! I'm on my way to NINE DAYS! I can't believe it. Time at the MTC is so weird. It feels like I've been here for an eternity....AND it feels like I just got here yesterday. We call it the MTC time warp. Anyways. I'm attaching a picture of my travel plans. The flight in June is a back-up in case I don't get my visa...but I don't think that will happen. I'm super excited. It's just weird to think that it's all actually happening ya know! I don't have ANY layovers. Just a straight flight from Salt Lake to Chile. It's only about 13-14 HOOOOUUUURRS! My goodness gracious! I'm counting on SLEEPING a little bit that's for sure! My flight is at 1pm and I report to the travel office at 10am. SO. Mom: I will plan on buying a calling card and calling you as SOON as I get through security and before boarding. I suspect that will be at anywhere from 11-12. Probably just be honest. The don't give me much time to call unfortunately...BUT do NOT send a pre-paid phone. They specifically told us that those suckas are NOT allowed. No no. BUT I'M STOKED!!! CHILE ES LO MAXIMO!! ...I hate that I can't do accents on this computer. Lame. 
     Our first investigator, Taylor, agreed to baptism two weeks ago. So that was kind of exciting! One of our new investigators, her name is Laura. We went and knocked on the door, tried to talk to her for a bit, and then SLAM! Door in the face. At first I was like ...."what. just. happened?!" THEN I was like "WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS IT'S FLIPPIN AMAZING!!!" ...then we prayed and tried again. We set up an appointment and have been teaching her ever since. It was a shocking experience, but probably good prep as well. When we taught her it went amazing. The spirit was so strong. I started saying the first vision in Spanish and just about lost it. ..okay. I kinda did lose it. I got half way through and then gave her the pamphlet to read the rest of it. We really got to know her and have really been teaching to her needs. 
     My health is still doin great! ...I got a bit of a cold which is really only a stuffy nose. I'm doing great health wise though! Probably thanks to all the prayers! 
     My teacher talked about trusting the Lord...and the Lord trusting US. He talked about how trust requires two things: competency and honesty. Of course I was thinking of Dad as we talked about this. Dang he's good. But it's so true. The Lord knows I have the ABILITY to do this and BELIEVES that I WILL do it as well. It's a blessing to think about it in that way:) 
     We've heard from Elder Aidukaitis and Elder Johnson from the 70. I think I forgot to tell you that...but now I am haha! 
     UNCLE CAM! That dude sent me a package from Germany! What a surprise! And what fun haha! I opened it KACHOW! German chocolate galore! So I shared with my district...stingy shared. I wrote him a quite thank you letter but tell him how much I appreciated it will ya! And thanks for the package mom! ...I've been good and haven't opened the letter or the present, but I'd just like to say that it's killing me. Also that IS funny. We practically just swapped treats. Cracked me up too:) Bien hecho mama!!
     I hate food now. Seriously. The MTC food is sooo old and monotonous. And I swear it's just....bluck. NOT THAT I'M NOT GRATEFUL! I'm glad I'm being fed! ...but I think if I didn't know it was important to eat, I would've stopped a while ago. I'm eating healthy stuff though. Cause....yea. Figure that's a good idea. The boys in my zone found a scripture to describe the food. Jeremiah 4:19. Might get a crack out of THAT ONE!
     I helped host and it was so cool to be on the other side. So many sweet girls! WAHOO for sister missionaries! 
     ...speaking of which! HANNAH! If you didn't read any of this, you need to read this part. I sent you a letter but I forgot this part: I want to tell you that serving a mission really is the greatest choice I've EVER made. It's ...legit. Seriously. I think a semester of school would be good but you have to keep in mind that IF you choose that, you might not get to go on a mission. Ya just too cute. 
     As for the's still hard. It really is. It's frustrating and I just want it to flow but I feel like I have to dig for all my words! Yet I know that I can't do it on my own. That only through the atonement, and only by submitting my will to His will will I be able to do that. I'm already on a mission, so I'm already on the right path. But I just gotta keep trying. I also know that it's not about translating with my mind, but about translating with the HEART. Following the Savior's example and God's plan isn't always easy. But I do know that it is ALWAYS better. 
     My favorite scriptures for the week include: Mosiah 2: 21-24 ...ish. And preach my gospel said something about how gifts come from God and to have confidence in HIM and not yourself. That REALLY hit home. Also. You should watch the talks: What is Truth by Elder Uchtdorf and The First Great Commandment by Jeffrey R. Holland. Plus, if you can send me those that would be FANTASTIC. Top two favorite talks right now.
     I'm so excited and I'm so blessed. SO blessed! y...yo se que esta iglesia es la iglesia de Jesucristo y es verdadero. Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta y fue llamo de Dios. Yo se cristo vive y yo se que Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial....El nos ama. Por medio Jesucristo, podemos vivir con Dios de nuevo. Yo se que Dios llama profetas para ensenar Su Evangelio...y yo se que Thomas S. Monson dirige la iglesia hoy en dia. 
Dios y Jesucristo se aparecieron a Jose Smith y que Dios restauro la plenitud del Evangelio por conducto de Jose Smith y el tradujo las planchas por el poder de Dios. El Libro de Mormon contiene la plenitud del Evangelio de Jesucristo y yo se que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y es la palabra de Dios. 
Nuestro objectivo en la vida es hallar paz gozo y felicidad duraderos como familias y preparanos para regresar a vivir con Dios....y! Por medio Jesucrist, todos es posible! 
     Sorry for the lack of accents...hopefully it makes sense! Tambien, Le extrano! y Te ama! 
         Hermana Alex Johnson

The District!

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