Friday, March 8, 2013

The life of a missionary

     Long time no see! ...or talk. Lame. But that's the life of a missionary! You know what else is the life of a missionary? Saying things like "that's totally going in my journal!" and "wow. Satan is RUDE." Oh! And being crazy enough to study Spanish for 8 hours a day. Yep. That's what I do here. I'm going to send you a picture of my schedule because...oh you will see. It's pretty intense. Language study: obvious what we do there. Class: same thing. TALL: same thing but on the computer. Learning the gospel in Spanish is my life. It's also like the hardest thing that I've ever done...and I love it. Overall, it's what I expected. Not to this extent, but I figured it would be just like this. 
     I met the with branch president for a little bit because my companion and I were both having a hard time with the language. One day it just hit me how hard this is and how FRUSTRATED I was because I was spending sooo much time focused on the language but I didn't feel like I was getting ANYWHERE! But here's the thing. I know, that although I seriously suck at Spanish right now, it doesn't matter because I know my purpose and I'm doing EVERYTHING I can to fulfill it. Hermana Koth and Hermano Walton are me teachers. Hermano Walton is more like...just teach them the rules and expect them to get it. Hermana Koth has ADD and she's HILARIOUS. She always has us play games and do things to help us remember what we're doing and what not. She told us that when we teach, she can see that we know our purpose and are trying our very best. She seemed impressed that we figured it out so fast. It meant a lot. 
And the other thing, the MTC is sooo much easier if I'm not COMPARING myself to others. How good or bad I am at something compared to someone else. It's what I bring. I was thinking about how the chapel in our church isn't all fancy. There's not even pictures in it or anything! And I GET WHY now. It's because it represents what YOU BRING to church. It was a cool realization actually. 
     And Allie left me a note ...the exact day that I needed it most. What a tender mercy of the Lord! 
Life in general at the MTC is pretty cool. Friday's (p-day's), Tuesday's (devotional), and Sunday's (walk, devotional, church) are all the best days. They're refresher day's. Our week is pretty balanced so it's cool. 
I've gone to the temple three times now, excluding the temple walk, which I'll upload pictures of. It's SOOOOO good. Such a spirit:) 
     We're hosting on the 13th and the 20th, which is gonna be totally legit. We just got a new district in our zone too. I played ball with them yesterday (speed, because I can't play an ACTUAL game...LAME). Some of them are BALLERS haha. ..but I got lots of them out. There's always Elder Shaum who almost ALWAYS wins though. Also lame. 
     My wrist is doing sooo well actually but whatever. Now. For the news you've been waiting for: My mono update! Well. I went into the doctors office on Monday. My throat had been feeling better, and I hadn't been as tired. After he looked he told me he was SOOO impressed with the recovery results!!! No spots. Not as red. And my tonsils aren't swollen  I'm probably still contagious...for like the next few months... but it's not like I've been sharing drinks...or ...yea. So that's the gist. I'm doing GREAT! In other words, I KICKED MONO'S BUTT! Shabam!
     The MTC president talked to me. That's right...doin a happy in-your-face dance right now. HA. It was pretty cool. Just for a couple minutes but he talked to me first. No big deal. 
     I got your package:) Thanks a bajillion!!! 
...and I also got a package from Unfortunately, It wasn't REALLY for me. It was addressed to Alex Johnson. And it had yummy cookies. But I don't know anyone from Salt Lake named Bauklenhaof...or SOMETHING like that. So I gave it back. ...but right when I gave it back I got my package from you anyways so it was totally cool haha.
     Just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and support. I know I couldn't have gotten better so fast without it. makes the hard days better, and the easy days easier. Thank you so much. I literally RAN OUT OF WALL SPACE I've gotten so many letters. I might have to claim the ceiling or something haha. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Te amo! 
Hermana Alex Johnson


Hermana Johnson and Hermana Richins.

Alex's district at the Provo Temple

Alex said that she LOVES her companion!

Apparently THESE are the Chile Santiago North Missionaries in her District.

Con Los Elders

Her Killer MTC schedule

At the devotional... apparently these are great seats.

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