Sunday, February 24, 2013

First real letter.... from day three. (Handwritten)

This hand written letter arrived the same day as her first real email... 9 days after she entered the MTC.

¡Hola Mi Famillia!
Today is our mini P-day. P-day for us is on Friday, but the computers are out of service today. SO if you are wondering why you have not heard from me, that is why.
I feel so much peace and happiness…honestly. It is phenomenal.  I think about my purpose, which I've memorized (and still need to memorize in Spanish).  and it’s amazing. I do so little, but the spirit teaches and testifies of the truthfulness. Because,  right now and for a while, my Spanish is mediocre.  But what you say isn't as important as what they feel. I really learned this as we taught our first investigator. We taught her all in Spanish on our third day. I can’t believe I was able to do that. Mí compañera is Hermana Richins. Although I know very little Spanish, she has no 2nd language background at all. She is doing very well though. We try to help each other as much as we can. So. Teaching Taylor. Amazing. I can’t believe we did it! Ten minutes in, we’d used almost all the prepared material. So we had to wing it and keep following the spirit to know what to say and try our best to put it to Spanish words. She started to cry at one point so… we did something right, or REALLY wrong. We asked her to pray and she said she would. I explained how she begins and ends her prayer and she did it. (also… pretty sure I figured it out. Pretty sure she is my other teacher) HA. I’m a smartie….or a dumbo. Don’t know yet. I hope you all had a fantastic  valentines day! I didn't get any letters till the night of the 15th. There was a problem with our box combo. I was talking to the sisters and said, “It’s just Satan being rude.” They got a kick out of that one. We made a “you know you’re a sister missionary when…” and have been posting on the back of the door. The girls in our district are phenomenal. We all get along. One of the sisters left us and is in advanced. So there is eleven of us. A trio and then me and Mí compañera, Hermana Richins. I love her so much. She’s so wonderful and sweet. Totally cute too!
Oh. Seriously…thank you so much for the mail. I. Need. That. Stuff. *Please send more.*
Day Two, first day of Gym, (which Hermana Richins and I call Recess) I jammed my thumb playing volleyball. But my wrist is holding up just fine. The 14th my head hurt so bad that I took some medicine. I actually took some medicine Mom!! Oh. I still have to look up those scriptures you sent me, but until you told me about the treats I didn't even know haha.
Guys, I seriously feel at home at the MTC. I feel the spirit so strong ALL the time. I can’t imagine doing anything else right now. The MTC is magnificent. When the girls go on missions, they will love it. I get constant reassurances of my purpose and potential through the spirit and am so blessed. Oh! There’s no musica en el MTC! Say what?! I know. That’s kinda hard. Also, mom, I will soon send you my cars DVD and CD that I got from Allie and your pink pen. Lociento.  To take care of business matters. I do not want to haul around two backpacks and it’s not like I need it immediately. I might save up money from my card to buy a carry on case… if not, I don’t know. It’s not immediate so I guess just wait and see. I DID invest in a mini PME (Spanish PMG) as well as the best scripture markers I’ve ever used. They don’t bleed or smear and…it’s like highlighter chalk that glides. I love it. No se…I don’t know my old ward. You’ll have to message Daniella Barriga, Kira Hamilton, or Joce Wrubell to find out. Sorry! Thanks for the help though. I got LOTS of books and supplies. Good thing we got that backpack because it’s DEFINITELY a necessity. Hermana Richins bought a Jansport here and man we’re so grateful. Thank you all so much. I love you all and miss you. I so much appreciate all the love and support. This place is amazing and the missionaries are amazing. I am so happy to be a representative of the Lord and his church. I know I can learn Spanish with His help.

Con amor,
Sinceramente, Hermana Alex Johnson

Tape, pictures, hoodie, anything cars, *AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (por favor) SEND MORE MAIL!* Gracias!
Also, more medicine and Sister Leavitt’s journal…the one she gave me. Oh yeah…and it’s really hard because I keep thinking in German. With everything!
P.S. Today (real quick) I figured I should tell you I broke out in hives. Yeah… no se. I swelled up. Still swollen. Look like I have tomato/marshmallow boy hands. 

Some photos taken the day she went into the MTC...
with Daniella

With Allie

 With Hermana Kacy Murray during week one. Hermana Murray is from our home ward and went to school with Alex.
A-town Hermanas unite!!!

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