Monday, January 13, 2014

This too shall pass

HEY! Good job on your spanish mom. IMPRESSIVE.

Imma start by answering your buisness questions right away....New years was weird. We didnt do much but years eve we had a part intercambio and on new years day we had zone conference. Its different being missionaries, but we left outside banging pots and pans and screaming at the top of our lungs for a 10 second countdown. Thats it haha. But its nothing our house. They just chill and eat dinner with the family, and relax. But you have to remember thats all I KNOW cause I wasnt looking for a party or anything. In Valparaiso I know they have AWESOME fireworks, and I know theres some awesome discotecs haha. But normal. 
My leg is great. Health is great. No worries there at all. I know the Lord was trying me and my faith, but it helped me grow.

AND DEAL ON THE BOOTS. Awesome. ...but you dont have to send them quite yet. In like a month Im thinking....definitely not even gonna WANT to use them in this heat lol

The weather here is still in the extremes, but Im surviving. It was great to have had the bikes and what not. They bring a LOT of awesome wind...but you know how I HATE helmets. So that wasnt too fun lol. but whatever. We rocked them all the same. 

Well. ...This week was interesting. P* was confirmed, we found MANY great people who are going to progress splendidly, and I have seen this gospel change the lives of MANY. ...but after nine months, the Lord felt it was time for a change. AND QUITE A BIG one to say the least. ...

You got it. THEY TRANSFERED ME!?!?! ...and its weird. Its like I ended my mission and Im starting another for reals. I realized today just how LONG 9 months really is. (its really not...but for the mission yea) I seriously couldnt believe it. ...I didnt have to get used to things like streets, I didnt have to pack...I NEVER had to say goodbye....It was just DIFFERENT. ....but the Lord has decided to try my patience and my humility this change. I have a feeling it will be a VERY trying transfer, but Im determined to make it GREAT. I AM Alex the GREAT ...and terrible haha. 

Yea, but I am in the CITY. THE CIIIITTTYYYY. In Simon Bolivar. Its close to Quinta. Normal. ...thats what they tell me at least. I still have NO idea. 

My companions: Hermana DIAZ and Hermana SHAW. ....we are in a trio. And Im a Sister Training Leader. President has a unique system of doing things. The first lider is the lider (I think she means leader) who BAPTIZES a LOT. with lots of baptisms. Thats hermana Diaz. Then its the second leader, the leader who has to do at LEAST 12 intercambios every change...thats me. And then theres the other hermana that is great and stabalizes the sector but isnt a leader. Thats hermana Shaw. ....Im almost positive I will only be in this sector one change. Lets see what happens, but Im putting my money on it now. Im going to work in A BUNCH of different sectors this whole change. Im kinda freaking, but everything happens for a reason. 

Hermana Clark stays in Quilicura so I feel good that she will take care of my loved ones there..

But yea. Yesterday was a pretty heartbreaking day. I havent slept the last two at all. I couldnt. But I figure Ill get tired enough that itll come eventually. 

Also, we`re on the 16th an apartment. ....Im praying that I can finally stop being scared of heights, cause I ALSO have to sleep on the top bunk. ....Im high up haha. So pray for me in that sense pleas! 

But thank you for your prayers and your love. I know this is His work. And Im so blessed to be a part of it...."I`ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord..."

Love you!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

While she was online I sent another email about Hannah... since I had just received her letter... Hannah was getting an additional companion... so she's in a trio. This is Alex's response. It was cute.
"its just so funny how these things happen.....
i became a trainer and when i got my daughter, she BECAME one ...
NOW we are both in a trio...
sorry I just think its amusing lol"

They also have transfers on the same week... always. That's pretty cool.

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