Monday, May 13, 2013

Para: lo maximo MAMÁ en TODO el mundo!

This week´s letter is dedicated to mom. Because obviously yesterday was mothers day. And obviously I have the best mom in the world. 
Yesterday was awesome. Sorry that ya' ll had to see me cry like a baby, but you don´t even know how much I miss you guys sometimes. To be COMPLETELY honest, when I have the hardest times I think of you guys. I sing a song and think of Mom. I read the scriptures and think of Dad. I doodle or paint and think of Hannah. I cook something obscure or make something and think of Pepper. I dance like a goof and freak out like a tornado...and obviously think of Ella haha. But honestly. You guys are amazing and I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed with the best family in the world. 
AND MOM. Do you know how legit you are? Lets just say that you´re seriously awesomely and magically the most magnificent woman and example in the whole entire world. You´re gonna love you package and letter...when I send it. ....In another week. Better late than never right!?
The other day, as you heard, we had lunch with a member of the 70. Elder Garcia. (G. Guillermo Garcia of the Seventh Quorum of the Seventy, an Area Seventy)  Don´t know how long he has been a member of the 70 but it was cool. We ate lunch and then I shared my spiritual message with him. 2 Nephi 2:11. I thought it was pretty legit haha. 
Now. Quilicura. Lets just say that it is REALLY different haha. How to explain it?? I really don´t know because you can´t really relate CHILE to the US. You just can´t haha...but Quilicura is more like a city. Like Bellingham maybe. Cars, supermarkets...they actually have FOOD and THINGS in the stores and what not lol. We still walk´s a really BIG sector, lo marcoleta, but at the same time it´s definitely smaller than San Felipe 3. San Felipe is definitely a country...not so much with like farms and animals, but with vineyards and DIRT. It was a longshot, and so I miss it a little bit. Anacortes too haha. But Quilicura has more people to contact and more places to BUY things so every place has it´s pros and cons. 
The weather here is starting to get cold. It´s always cold in the mornings and at night, but now it´s not scolding hot in the middle of the day. It´s cold enough to wear my big jacket at least. And I am TOTALLY okay with it haha. I would rather it be cold than super hot...hopefully I don´t die during the summer here. BUUUUTTT...I don´t need to worry about that right now anyways considering I could easily die of frostbite during the WINTER here. 
The people in San Felipe were a lot more there´s more "Chilean gangsters" ...called flites here. But the members of the ward are really awesome here! 
Let me just say something really quick: Mom. You´re right. You always have been, and I´m pretty sure you always will be haha. 
Exact obedience brings forth miracles. Totally LEGIT miracles, and I know now that I can´t afford to lose ANY of those miracles. 
After talking with all ya´ll yesterday, I was a totally trunky. It was really hard to stop and head back to work...especially when I was crying for a long time afterwards. I don´t know why in the world I´m crying so much more lately. Stink! But yea. It was amazing to talk to you guys though. We have a long drought till Christmas, but I know we´ll make it. I love you! 
Siempre con amor,
Hermana Alex Johnson

PS. Mom is right about EVERYTHING.

Her San Felipe Companions... she misses them.

Graffiti in San Felipe

With her new companions in Quilicura, Hermana Edwards and Hermana Ciccon...

Apparently they have a lot of fun!

With ward friends!

Stepping up and serving at a ward activity.

With the Ortiz Family.
The boys of the Gonzalz Family. hey play super well!! They can basically do everything because all of their family is super smart. 

With her MTC companion... Hermana Richins! She is in the same area as Alex!

"panqueques...with a carmel spread. It´s like nutella...but Carmel. I´ll send you some eventually mom haha"

Her "legit" tag!

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