Monday, May 20, 2013

Let´s just put it simply: This Week Was the BOMB

Just a quick reminder/ note... Alex wont see this blog or her FB page until she returns from her mission in Aug 2014. We, her family choose to share some of her letters home here so that you, her friends and family, can easily know how she is doing. She LOVES to get letters!

Now... on to the good stuff!

Wow. I feeeeelllll llaaaazzzzy. This whole week has been absolutely amazing! Which means that right now...I´m absolutely EXHAUSTED. I´m always tired, but it´s more right now. It´s a good thing today is prep day. 

We had a really good day yesterday. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun, and I can honestly say that that´s the BEST combination like...ever haha. We have a progressing investigator now! F***. She is super sweet! Sometimes she struggles with commitments, but we read with her a lot and she got up and came to church and everything! 

Yesterday we found a new investigator. Her name is N*** and she has a son named M***. He is ABSOLUTELY adorable!! I convinced my companions to do some contacting by knocking on doors. So we eventually came to her house and of course she said that she was busy cleaning and what not, but as we kept talking to her she was like...oh come in! And then LITERALLY showed us her whole house. The rooms, what she does for work...who does that!? Apparently she does and that´s okay! Because she talked about some really great stuff and we were able to help her and share lesson one. It was honestly really awesome. Also, her son (who´s 4) is a fanatic of Cars. So we´re obviously already best friends. 

We rocked lessons with members and for less actives this week...and contacts. We recived what seems like a bajillion referencias and it´s been super great to have them! We worked HARD. We also spent a day in the house, that wasn´t pday so that´s really good....well not good, but we worked hard. Gah I´m tired. Okay so Hermana Ceccon had her turn to get sick. She slept for like 15 hours straight. It was kinda funny, but she obviously needed it. While she was sleeping for like 5 or 6 hours, Hermana Edwards and I talked. THE WHOLE TIME. And yes...we talked in English. And I do NOT regret it one little bit. It was the only REAL break I´ve had from speaking Spanish this whole time and it was a much needed breath of fresh air. I also feel like we are a lot closer now. We know lots about each other, and it was a fun like...´bonding´ moment of sorts. I learned that "if you´re frustrated, don´t get mad. It´s your fault for not explaining." 

Mom... are you working with the missionaries? PLEASE HELP THEM. They totally need your help. Also, and this is for everyone HANNAH, PEPPER, AND ELLA TOO...y´all HAVE to share the gospel with everyone! You have friends at school that could be searching for the truth. You know people that need an extra hand in something  If you REALLY love the people that you know, the people you work with, neighbors, your best friends, you´re gonna share the gospel. And the missionaries have SOOO much more success when you help them. When you tell them about a person that need s something, that has a question...ANYTHING. We helped clean a house the other day...just because we saw the need and were like, well why NOT? there´s NO reason! All of you are missionaries. Answer the call. 

This week I had intercambios. ...honestly THAT is weird to think about. Feels like I had intercambios an eternity ago. I was with Hermana Richins and Hermana Fife in their ward. It was really fun...three straight gringas walking around trying to understand what´s going on. I didn´t even know the city so I really wasn´t much help at all. We ended up walking around alot, so I had to stay with a member a couple of hours the next day to rest my ankle..but it really was a good learning experience. It was interesting to see that we all work so differently. Missionary work is done just a little differently, or a lot differently it seems sometimes, within every companionship.

We´re going into winter here so while you guys are getting all toasty warm, I´m blow drying my toes and walking around with a cars sheet everywhere in the house. I also look like a marshmallow quite often while in the street. OH! I just remembered something cool happened this week! We were buying pan, walking through the ...well it´s like a flea market, and SHABAM! A storm hits. We RAN home. It poured and the streets were flooded like a no time at all. There was lighting and thunder GALORE. It was a little scary, but we took some pics, ate our bread and cheese (dinner) and then we went out and worked. Obviously we took our umbrellas and bundled up a little more. It was super fun...I even have a really hilarious picture of when Hermana Edwards was giving me a piggy back ride accross the biggest puddle ever. I was in a not very stretchy skirt and had to hike myself up so it was pretty funny. 

Overall my health has been fine. I´ve been tired and what not, but that´s just part of the life. I´m working my hardest everyday of my life. 
I´m expecting more letters. 

Love you! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Alex with her companions... Hermana Ceccon and Hermana Edwards
"After getting home in the middle of a rain storm."

"Turtle TURTLE! Just for Ella. He´s so smmaaalll!"

"This is how we do it. I´m eating pan and Queso Creama! mmmm"

Lenko, Renzo, and Felipe! We´re pretty legit. Fun fam! 

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