Friday, February 22, 2013

First Big Email & Photos!

OKAY. Gonna try to DO THIS....I have so much to say! 
First of all, thanks to ALL for the letters and the support! It's fantastic. MOM. That package was AWESOME. What a surprise and DANG. My roommates are gonna LOVE the Cars stickers for our wall! How could they not!?
Special thanks to everyone who sent me a letter. It's hanging on my wall. LOVE YOU.
I LOVE MY DISTRICT AND MY COMPANION SOOO MUCH. Her name is Hermana Annalisa Richins. She is absolutely fabulous. Love her. We get along SO great. She's from Idaho. Our district is already sooo unified. We like to do everything together. 
I broke out in hives. 3 days in a row. Sunday was the worst though. My hands swelled up like tomatoes. Don't know how that happened..but it hasn't happened since Tuesday so we're good there! Besides that my wrist acts up on occasion, but I jambed my thumb so that's what's worse.
Me and Hermana Richins are the laughing sisters in our district. yep yep. 
I told that joke to my district but all I got was a pity laugh. No bueno haha.
I love the scripture D&C 50:13-14. Actually...all of D&C 50 has been a favorite lately..

SO HAPPY THAT I GOT IN THE COMMS PROGRAM! I have a PLAN for when I get home! I'm so excited it's not even FUNNY. I was crying in front of my district. 
Well...a couple of days ago we talked about a lot but one thing really hit home for me. WHY am I on a mission? Well I realized I definitely needed to REALLY be able to answer this question better. I know why, but I wanted to REALLY KNOW WHY. ..if that makes any sense. I mean, I'm here serving the Lord for 18 months (which is a long time) and I'm leaving my family, friends, and loved ones to serve the Lord. If I'm making that sacrifice, I better really know WHY I'm making that sacrifice. SO. 
I am serving a mission because I know this gospel is true I have a testimony of its truthfulness. I know the gospel brings happiness, joy, and peace in my life as well as many others. The gospel is so important and valuable to everyone. I know God loves all his children, and because of that, he has provided a way for us to return to him. I know that I have a strong desire to serve him and his children. I know I have a desire to invite and help others come unto Christ. I have a desire to take people by the hand and show them exactly what they need to do to be happy and have Christ in their lives with everything they do. I know the spirit testifies of truth and I can feel it so strong whenever I am doing what's right and when I pray to Heavenly Father for strength and for others. My heart aches to think about those who don't have the gospel in their life, and I can only imagine how difficult that would be. And as simple as it sounds, I am serving a mission because I have a testimony. Simple but sure. And I can't imagine a life without the knowledge I have. 
I know God has a plan for me and all his children. He loves his children. I know that I have a desire, and now a responsibility, to testify what I know to be true through the spirit and with faith in Jesus Christ. I know the gospel can bring happiness and joy to everyone and that coming unto Christ is FOR everyone. When I rely on my faith and testimony, and especially the spirit, I am so blessed. With the gospel, everything fits together like puzzle pieces. 
And lastly, I am here to help that one person. I don't know them yet, but at the same time. I do. When i think about them...the spirit is so overwhelming. They are out there, and I know that I was called to Chile to help bring the gospel to their lives and help them feel the spirit. I know that I am called to my mission to teach them. Whoever that person is, or those people are, I love them so much. 
I'm a missionary because I KNOW. 
Sorry I can't write more but I love you all and I'm so happy to be in the MTC. Praying for you all and thank you for all your prayers!
With Love, 
Hermana Johnson

Other fun tidbits from another email that came with photos...

OH! and about being exact in obedience! our companionship is SOO good about it. We're always doing what we're supposed to WHEN and WHERE we're supposed to. We're so good together!

I only get letters once a day. Everyone else gets letters after lunch AND dinner, but it's our branch rules that we just get them once a day. (9PM)

oh! And one last thing! The boys played a trick on me! THey penciled around a quarter and told me I had to hit a target with it by rolling it down my face......yea....there was a big lead line down my face. #classicalex #evenintheMTC 

Now for the photos! I have a few more but since I'm now to blogger, being a Typepad girl, I don't know how to rotate them so I need to do it manually in PS. - Lisa

Alex with her companera, Hermana Richins!

The famous world map... pointing to Santiago Chile!

Here entire District.

The "real" way they look as drawn by Hermana Howell

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