Friday, July 27, 2012

Excuses, Extenuations...and that was Just a Tautology

     Look at today's date. Now look at the date of my last blog post. Now look at today's date. Do you notice what I notice? June is a pretty word? No..oh WELL then. All done here! Not...well what I wanted to point out wasn't the beauty of the word, although it is a lovely word. What I wanted to point out was how terribly lethargic and boorish I have been recently. For this I apologize. As you have noticed by now, it has been a month since my last blog post...
     Alright. Fine. Derision must now be placed upon my head as a sit in the dusty corner of my mind contemplating the reason's for my lack of initiative and purpose that is "writing a blog post." Here are my reason's thus far for neglecting my blog:

  1. Dates. That's right. I've been going on dates. His name? His name is Herald....Herald B. Lee. I come see Herald almost every day for several hours and he lets me read all the books that I would ever want..even if I have to walk up a couple of floors to get them. (If you don't get it by now I've been dating the library on campus. I work there and read all the books you could ever dream of....Herald is my boyfriend) So really I haven't been occupied with dates. Sure I go on a couple here or there...but APPARENTLY I need money to do things. I have to pay for school and according to Wikipedia..I have to eat to survive. Oh bother. So I've been spending 40 solid hours a week at work. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  2. I just received another calling. That's right ANOTHER one. I have not been released from my position as ward chorister (AKA moving my arms around as people sing and I mindlessly assimilate the techniques of conducting a congregation). Along with this calling I also have seceded from my stubborn throne of self righteousness to accept the calling of choir director (AKA moving my arms around as talented and knowledgeable people sing and I continue to mindlessly assimilate the techniques of conducting a choir). All in all...I'm in charge of ANY and ALL music for church. Choir performances, special musical numbers, congregational hymns...I'm in charge of it all! MUHAHAHAHAA oh the POWER. Just kidding...that's horrible. 
  3. Last semester I checked myself into "Alex's Just Enough Sleep" care facility. I forced myself to go to bed in order to get just enough sleep (which by the facility's standards is about six) because I had work at 7am. The spring semester has now come and gone and now....I have checked myself OUT of "Alex's Just Enough Sleep" care facility. I do NOT have work at 7am, but have work at 1pm, 2pm, or 4pm. On nights that I work at 4pm, I do not get home until midnight and by that time I'm ready to play...but everyone else seems to be ready to sleep. Everyone else also enjoys sleeping in until the late morning, so I do to. These last two weeks I've been sleeping in until 9am. I am a. horrible. person. Seriously though...too much of my time has been absorbed into sleeping...even if I HAVE been getting 8 hours. I need to be waking up a lot earlier then I have been. 
  4. Words. Text. BOOKS. This last year of college I read a measly five books for pleasure. The rest of my time was reserved for school books filled with what seemed like an endless supply of vapid and lackluster text, fruitless information, and a waste of time. I know that the material was useful in my accumulation of knowledge, but the gratification and pure joy that reading a book for pleasure always brings, was never there. This summer I have worked on reading books for my own amusement once more. After reading several books over the course of a few weeks, I decided that I would start a book club. So I did. I started one. It's FBO and everything..and if you don't know what that is you're OBVIOUSLY not cool (JK I didn't know what it meant for a long time. Means "Facebook Official." So yep. We're reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. It's the fifth most read book in the WORLD (Behind the Bible, The Art of War, the Harry Potter Series, and the Lord of the Ring series) That's pretty that's bloody brilliant. Anyways I'm excited to read it. I'm also reading "Ella Minnow Pea" by Mark Dunn which is supposed to be really good as well and I just finished a book called "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern which was a very great read. 
  5. An addiction to the internet. Do you know how addicting this thing is? EXTREMELY. I spend all too much time at work on the internet and it's just bad for me. Facebook is definitely up there with extreme addictions. Plus there's Pintrest, YouTube, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter...just too many and somehow I manage to keep up with them enough to go on at least a couple times a week (besides Twitter...I don't know why I still have that thing..) 
Those are my excuses regarding my lack of writing on this blog. I could continue justifying every minute of time I spent NOT writing this blog...but they really would just be excuses. Rather, I will leave saying this: READ. That's right. I've come to the forgotten understanding about how important reading really is to me. I love it so much and I've missed reading books, whether to gain further intellect through exciting events, or to enjoy the thrill of the adventures described through beautiful lexicon. Love letters. Love words. Love books. 


  1. I always enjoy a li'l loquacious fun. :D
    What you need to do is widen the range of things you write about on this blog! Like you keep writing all those reviews on goodreads (which I don't use, so I haven't really read any of those, sorry...), so maybe it'd be good to have a post about favorite books, what you like to see in a book, pet peeves, etc. That sort of thing, I dunno... but you sound just like me moaning about not writing in my journal/notebooks/sketchbooks enough. It's hard to do!
    P.S. This "Alex's Just Enough Sleep Care Facility" sounds kinda sketchy. Better to get more sleep than that, I'll make up the time in extra energy and getting sick less. They'd better not be stealing any of your money in exchange for this quack medicine... ;)

    1. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it! I will definitely work on that. I promise that this week when I write a blog post I'll make sure to write about something interesting. If you look at the top I have a list of books I remember reading and that I enjoyed...but you're absolutely right. I definitely need to expand my horizons.
      Also..funny thing: I RARELY EVER get sick. Seriously. Like it's definitely rare so it's not too sketchy. And I just pay them in the really delicious cupcakes I make hahaha