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It´s true. Here I am. In Chile. Yes I´m crazy, but we all already knew that. Didn´t we HA. Don´t laugh at that. Okay...focusing cause there´s a lot to say!! 
I am in a trio! My companions are Hermana Waters and Hermana Parkinson. We rock. There´s nothing more to say than that in all honesty! We work so well together it´s fantastic! Hermana Waters is from Nicaragua and is 26. (She doesn't speak much English) Oh she is just a DOLL. Hermana Parkinson was in the MTC with me, but not the same district. Man. We´re a rock star of a group! Speaking of which!! This Sunday we sung in Sacrament meeting. We had one night to prepare haha. It was for Diá de Gloriá. SO. They needed singers...
Hermana Waters found out that I can play piano. So I am now the ward pianist. JOY. Just a JOY isn´t it haha! Also ironic, Hermana Waters heard me singing. She FREAKED OUT. She thought I was a superstar from the US. No joke. She asked me if I had a CD...or if I could please make one. I had to explain that it´s not as easy as it seems to just be big in the US haha. But she loves my voice...and because of that, she tells everyone about it. Everyone. I´m not kidding. Every lesson I´ve had to sing. Generally she makes me sing amazing grace cause I can manipulate a lot with that song. I´ve made some members cry. When she had me sing in coordination for the bishop and elders, he loved it. Just loved it! Elder Hoff said in his email: "I hate to say this, but South Americans can´t sing. To put it bluntly, my branch sounds like 100 Helen Kellers singing a funeral march. It is really that bad." I hate to say it as well, but it is sort of true. I think it´s because they talk with their tongue forward, and therefore they sing that way too. It´s hard for them to adjust. Anyways, they cry when I sing. ...It´s probably because I´m so bad but I like to think that they just love the spirit of music. I always sing songs that bring the spirit for them so I´m going to say it´s because of that. 
The bishop is absolutely amazing! Well the people in general! The people in Chile are fantastic. Very loving. On my birthday we ate lunch at the bishops house. They literally have over 100 chickens. yea. And they had a goat named Sarah!...who they were fattening up to eat. But she was cute! Their house was SUPER PRETTY. They had grapes growing in the front and back, a bunch of oranges in the front, and they also had rows and rows of walnut trees. (we have uvas in our backyard too. ..yea. just right outside the window) But anyways, something cool! I have a Pololo here in Chile!´s Chilean for Novio. ..boyfriend. Don´t get your alkhglkasdñl hañfljalsdjfl about it, lemme explain. My pololo is Hueso. He is the bishops dog. Perro. I will send you a picture of him. For the record, he IS a puppy. 4 and a 1/2 months. Super lindo yea!? 
Yes. It´s true. They do NOT speack Spanish here. They speak Chilean. I can mostly understand what they´re saying though! I learn more and more Spanish every day. It´s amazing!! Such a blessing! 

I had an experience with our new investigator. Her name is E***. She is a doll! She really can identify the spirit! I was prompted to give her the marking pen in my backpack. My green one...the good one´s that I sent you! I really liked it...but I started pulling it out. And she then started talking about how she LOVES the Book of Mormon but it is frustrating for her because she feels like she cannot remember anything that she reads! The things the likes! I was like..." ya go!" She was so happy haha. 
Also, S***o. He loves to talk. And he loves to talk fast. For those of you who don´t know, Chileans ALREADY talk fast...AND they drop all the ´s at the end..and a lot of d´s. He talks like a racecar is going off in his mouth. So it was a little hard to understand him haha...but he is a miracle! The missionaries hadn´t been able to get a hold of him for months, but then SHABAM! He was home! and what´s great is that there was a member WITH HIM helping him with internent! Check one for lessons taught with a member! And, because we are in a trio, we are able to go into anybody´s house. Even if it´s just one man. It´s a blessing. It really is. 

My Birthday and Easter were so amazing. It´s weird to think that I´m in Chile!! But I really did have a great birthday! Hermana Waters was amazed that Mom made the card and the bow, which were absolutely precious! LOVED THEM!!!

The food is SOO good here! Super rich and just absolutely delicious. Oh the bread!! The juice! THE FRUIT! Oh my...yum. Always fresh. Even the meat. Lots of people have their own chickens so they just ...ya know, and cook those suckas up and num num! Also, I´ve yet to have something absolutely impossible to eat. The worst was atun (tuna)...with corn and mayo on pasta. But I did eat half! Yay for Alex!! ...I mean Hermana!! ..they do keep all the milk and eggs on the dry shelves though. That´s a little weird. oh well!! I´m adjusting okay!

Okay. Here´s the sitch with the house! It´s small. We have no furniture, besides our beds in the bedroom, a desk to study on in the back, and a closet. We don´t have an oven, and our stove is like a camping stove attatched to a gas tank. If we want hot water we have to light this thing ...I don´t even know what it´s called. But we need gass. ...well I was taking a shower last night and suddenly the water was cold. I turned it off and Hermana Waters checked to see what happened. We are out of gas. My hair was SOAKED in soap. I took the coldest shower imaginable. Yea. They laughed while I shrieked on occasion haha. 

Lots of people stare at me. What they said about me fitting in...falso. Maybe because my sector is San Felipe. OH YEA! I´m in San Felipe! 2 hours away from Santiago. It´s definitely not as populated. More countryside. Super pretty though!! Gorgous!! Anyways, lots of men make comments. Hermana Waters rolls her eyes and we walk away. She is my mamá here. I am the Nina and Hermana Parkinson is the guagua. Sometimes Hermana Waters starts to walk SUPER FAST...almost run. That means we do the same. Generally its when we are around robbers or flietas. ...I think that´s how you spell it (gangsters). Anyways yea. We´re out till 10 at can be a little sketch, but Hermana Waters knows what´s safe. I just lister to her! 

A lot of people think I´m related to a member of the 70. I have to explain that my name is super common. ...Like Perez here. They´re disappointed haha.

Anyways. I´m out of time. I love you all!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Sarah the Goat... AKA next month's dinner.

Hueso... her pololo. 

With Her trainer, Hermana Waters.

Hermana Waters, Hermana  Parkinson, Hermana Johnson.

What she has to light to get hot water for a shower.

Their beds... Alex's is the one on the far left. 

So many grapes!

Apparently she likes the bow I made for her Birthday.

Another note that came with the photos...

I don´t have like...ANY MORE TIME: I have no time to send any more pictures....I LOVE YOU!!! and I have more pics for later. You´re in my thoughts often and my prayers often. I´m working my butt off!!! WAHOO!!!

...and I´m always dirty haha. So dusty here. It´s hot..but I haven´t been burnt. And I´m already used to it. I´m so blessed!!! 

Played in sacrament....and I bore my testimony!
...what else did I forget!?
I have no problem sleeping. I´m so tired that I conk out like a light every night. 
and yes. Dirt floor style....and we have it GOOD. some people ACTUALLY have the dirt floors. The people in chile are all super loving and humble. I love it!

and we had a miracle! We have only A**** with a baptism date, but we have two more people who told us they want to be baptized. TOLD US. in our sector. SO!! I think we´re gonna have a SUPER GOOD MONTH! no...I KNOW
love you, bye

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